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The ECODEV firm was created around a shared will of several experienced consultants. It offers a consulting service that makes the strategy of organizations, companies and public services operational. The philosophy of the consulting firm and its consulting services in strategy, organization and management is based on two ideas:

  • Keep it simple, i.e. allow companies to achieve the expected gains as simply as possible, or achieve the strategic objectives set

  • Do it quickly, that is to say give priority to action and implementation. The implementation decision principle is based on the relative importance of sustainable development issues.

The desire of our consulting firm is also to offer a neutral offer that is independent of any other service. Developments in recent years show an almost systematic integration of consulting within large groups. However, our job as an operational strategy consultant can find its place in independence alongside these major consulting players.

The missions of our consultants therefore include both “upstream” strategic studies (development plans, outsourcing choices, business plans, process improvement, etc.) and project management “downstream” of the choices, which allow the operational implementation (of a merger, a new organization, a new management plan, a project or program, etc.).

Our areas of intervention are land use planning, the environment and sustainable development, agroforestry, organization management and management, socio-economic study, etc.

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